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Navigator Biochem is and agent for Chemmin which enables
us to import and produce chemicals for agriculture, mining and industry.

Boron in steel production

In order to eradicate impurities in steel, lime and fluorite are used as a slag maker in the ladle furnace. Once skimmed the slag resembles a fine powderlike hydrophobic material that is unable to saturate, thereby complicating the storage and transportation of the substance, as it is difficult to compress.

This is a costly problem that has faced the industry for many years. That was however, until Boron was introduced as the solution. During a test at the Diler Company steel plan in Turkey, it was found that by adding 55kg of ground colemanite to two tons slag in the ladle, which contained 120 tons of molten steel, transformed the slag from its powdery substance into a solid form.

Not only does boron solve the issue at hand but it also enhances its density. 1.36 tons of powdered slag is converted into 2,64 ton/m3 of compacted material. Today multiple steel plants across the world add boron to achieve a similar result.

Granular Ulexite in Agriculture for superior fertilizer production

The importance and benefits of boron for the healthy development of plants have been paramount as early as the 1920s. Boron ensures that plants absorb the right amount of nutrients and water from the soil. Soil lacking boron, however, affects the overall growth of plants and ultimately, the yield of a crop.

Chemmin’s Ulexite 32 (2-4mm) also known as hydrated sodium calcium pentaborate octahydrate, is a granular, natural, water soluble and slow release mineral borate. Its slow releasing properties make it an excellent source of boron for the granular fertilizer market.

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