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Targeted hygiene is crucial

Designing your cleaning strategies with you

To ensure efficient production and a safe level of hygiene, it is essential that cleaning and hygiene processes are properly managed.

A high level of hygiene increases the quality of both production and products, and it is both better and much cheaper to prevent than to restock.

  Personal Hygiene Cleaning Surfaces Cleaning pipes and tanks Cleaning machines and equipment Cratewash Cleaning  transport vehicles Disinfecting Surfaces Disinfection foot baths / boot wash Disinfection pipes and tanks Sanitisation
NaviPro   X X X            
NaviPA               X    
NaviSan             X   X  
NaviSole               X    
Navi4Me X                 X
NaviPure X                 X
NaviSpray X                 X
NaviCrate (SYSTEMS option)         X          
NaviPrime           X        
NaviAuotX           X        

Disinfection without cleaning is a waste of money.

There must NEVER be a risk of spreading bacteria and reducing food safety due to poor hygiene in your slaughterhouses. Cleaning processes must be managed effectively.

One purpose of cleaning is to remove proteins, fats and other deposits from all surfaces in order to prevent the formation of biofilm.

It is important to keep bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses under control, and it is essential that suitable quantities of chemicals are used for the purpose.

We offer advice on choosing the most suitable chemicals and on optimising the work process, including appropriate methods of testing!

This must not only be effective but must also meet statutory requirements e.g. HACCP

  • Remove all product residues, etc.
  • Wash roughly
  • Apply detergent
  • Wash thoroughly (remember cracks and crevices)
  • Rinse
  • Disinfect
  • Rins

A clean bill of health

Laboratory Number Sample Batch No Analysis Meth. No. UOM Result
1605275 Agar Plate After Gluta Total Aerobic Count ISO4833:2007 cfu/g 3
1605276 Sterile Swab Surface 1 Before (Soap Wash) Disinfect Total Aerobic Count ISO4833:2007 cfu/g >1000
1605277 Sterile Swab Surface 1 After (Soap Wash) Disinfect Total Aerobic Count ISO4833:2007 cfu/g <1

Our NaviPlus Range is:

  • Danish Engineered
  • Produced in fully ISO accredited facility
  • Reduces pathogens by log 4 = 99.99% EFFICACY
  • Composed of many different active ingredients
  • Buffered to MAXIMISE HYGIENE
  • Semi-concentrated to REDUCE water USAGE

Why choose us?

Optimization for the benefit of customer output!

Solutions-not just products


Large range of products to cover all tasks

High quality products




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