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What we offer

Navigators’ core purpose is to infuse energy through the following:






Microbial Analysis
and Testing



Navigator Biochem has more than a decade of experience in the development and direct-to-consumer trading of agricultural products, expertly and responsibly engineered to meet the changing needs of our customers, as well as their customers.

From the beginning, we worked closely with farmers year after year and season after season to build trusted partnerships and gain the insights needed to engineer healthier, more effective agricultural solutions. These innovations consistently optimised yields and reduced negative environmental impacts.

We soon realised we could expand the applications of our unique, cutting-edge research, genetics and biochemistry capabilities to build a better world beyond agriculture… to build a world of healthier plants, healthier animals and ultimately healthier people.

Today, we have extended our offerings to a range of other industries including schools, motor and medical facilities, forensics, the travel and tourism sector, personal genetic enhancement and more.

Our offerings include direct-to-consumer genetics, research, advice on choosing the most suitable biochemical solutions, product testing and development, and optimising bio-security of work processes to grow value-chains and build more mutually beneficial business models.

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