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NaviPA™ (Peracetic acid based sanitiser and disinfectant)

A highly biocidal oxidizer disinfectant. Surface disinfection, clean-in-place (GIP) applications and general foaming disinfections. Peracetic acids are known for their efficacy against a range of viruses, fungi and bacteria and are regarded as food safe.

Only limited information is available regarding the mechanism of action of peracetic acid, but it is thought to function as other oxidizing agents, i.e., it denatures proteins, disrupts cell wall permeability, and oxidizes sulfhydryl and sulfur bonds in proteins, enzymes, and other metabolites.

This product is most suitable for disinfection of food preparation areas, surfaces, abattoir disinfection, clean-in-place (GIP) applications and on-farm disinfection (drinking water lines)

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Peracetic acid based sanitiser and disinfectant

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Peracetic acid based sanitiser and disinfectant

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