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Modern Athlete

Modern Athlete

Squeeze Me and Navigator Biochem will #FeedYourDNA.

In South Africa, sales of ready-made meals, fast food, snack bars, energy drinks and instant noodles increased by 40% between 2005 and 2010, and that figure continues to grow, negatively impacting our weight and health. This problem has led to biochemical enterprise Navigator Biochem teaming up and sponsoring Squeeze Me juices at endurance events across the country, including major running and cycling races.

Because Squeeze Me is a freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juicing business, there are no added chemicals or preservatives. This is a ‘clean boost’ for athletes, with no extra sugars, and no side-effects to worry about. Also, young athletes and even children can consume Squeeze Me, instead of opting for boosters that cost more and are not healthy in the long run. Furthermore, Navigator Biochem is continually researching bioactivity within the juices and tailoring the juices to the requirements of athletes, to enhance biochemical performance, which ultimately increases overall performance.

Squeeze Me’s mission, together with Navigator Biochem, is to offer healthy, nutritional, 100% natural delicious juices for athletes who want to live an #Expressedlife. The partners strive to offer health to people on the move so that their experience is stronger and more successful in the long run. They exist to #FeedYourDNA.


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